USA TODAY Crossword May 31 2020 Answers

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In the following list you will find USA TODAY Crossword May 31 2020 Answers

USA TODAY Crossword Clues Answers

Religious faction

Smooth engine sound

Great Lake fed by the Maumee River

Bright blue color

Document file type

Late-July sign

Each, colloquially

“I won’t accept those terms!”

Shelter adoptee, perhaps

Charge with

Layer of nail polish

Long swimmers

Show produced in NBC’s Studio 8H

TV show with celebrity gossip

Where Qatar Airways is headquartered

Closed tight

Beachcomber’s concern

Like some flaws

38-Across building

“. . . though there may be none”

Supermodel Evangelista

Epic poem in Homeric Greek

Talk show medium

Dryly humorous

Gingerbread ingredient

Bottlefuls for a massage therapist

Take a break

Party boat, often

Mammal that might clap

Like some bad sleep

“No need to explain further”

___ and the Maytals

Board game rollers

Metals can be extracted from them

Event with slashed prices

Winemaker Gomez

Apple desktop

Hatchling’s spot

Dorsal ___

Psychedelic drug

___ Vegas Stripend

Design detail, for short

Courses of action

Blackjack assets

Portuguese currency

Transit station

Director Ethan or Joel

Bed with bars

Contamination result

Tire pattern

Crunchy ingredients in pad thai

In need of a GPS

Thumbs-up votes

“Mississippi Girl” singer

Totally out there

Dog’s sound

Bavarian automaker

___ panels

Twins or Vikings

Range below alto

Dog name that means “faithful”

Bug to no end

Runs out of juice

Feel out of sorts

Majnun’s love

Undeserving object of worship

First part of a musical

Deer with antlers

Throw back some Malort, say

Grant entry to

“Let me start by saying . . .”


Slush Puppie alternative

City on the Arkansas River

Supplements to Social Security

Loch ___ monster

Coasters on snowy hills

Diplomat’s asset