USA TODAY Crossword May 30 2020 Answers

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In the following list you will find USA TODAY Crossword May 30 2020 Answers

USA TODAY Crossword Clues Answers

Overexertion result

Noise from a high-five

Word before “subject” or “loser”

Made admirable

Iroh’s favorite drink

Des Moines dwellers

Help with bench presses

Elephant’s flapper

Norwegian dog breed

Open from a rolled-up position

Veggies paired with carrots

Caused a rip in

Low digits

Low digits

Shared by you and me

Got introduced to

Surname that sounds like a question

Word before “flag” or “parade”



Center of the Earth

“KUWTK” star Jenner

Newborn on a dairy farm

Taiwanese computer company

New Year’s Eve accessory

“No objection from me”



Partner of Larry and Curly