USA TODAY Crossword June 3 2020 Answers

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In the following list you will find USA TODAY Crossword June 3 2020 Answers

USA TODAY Crossword Clues Answers

Something owed

Pumpkin patch measure

Lens for closeups

Utah’s state animal

Steadfast person

Images often double-clicked

Spill-cleaning tools

Get 100% on

Panels with controls

Background for an on-camera meteorologist

Extreme anger

Polo shirt brand

Cozumel coin

Anti-mosquito measures


“The Queen” Oscar winner

Game of numbers

Seating level

Supplemental insurance brand

Sabin developed a vaccine for it

Words before the title line in “. . . Baby One More Time”

Fill with joy

Dine at home

Business outfits

Kennel visitors

“Be my guest!”

Take for ___ (assume)

Debate side

“Besides . . .”

___ Nast

Some daters use them

Bubble makeup

Sashimi fish

In the vicinity of

At any point

Apartment payment

Pangolins eat them

Meatless, for short

Longoria who executive produced the documentary “Food Chains”end

In a state of shock

Desktop computer from Apple

Hold tight

Reason for a romaine recall

Tennis star Gauff

Synonym of “tear down” that sounds like a synonym of “build up”

Smashed for access

Swellheads have big ones

President pro ___

Coop residents

Swimsuit brand

Boaters, berets, etc.

Credit union transaction

___ off (lessens gradually)

Pope’s jurisdiction

“This hand is too terrible to play”

Construction area

Thunder sound

YouTube star Mills

Final golf shots, usually

At any ___

Drizzle, say

A chauffeur might drive one


Try to win

Gets presentable

Golden-years plans

Wu-Tang ___

Houston baseball team

An adjective modifies one

Significant stretch of time

Really 39-Across

All square

Bit of greenhouse glass

Word before “end” or “ringer”

Calendar addition

Reach across

Fiona or Shrek

Pub pastime