NY Times Crossword May 31 2020 Answers

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NY Times Crossword Clues Answers

… and the rest: Abbr.

Small bit


Feng ___

Takes off

Word whose rise in popularity coincided with the spread of the telephone

It’s shorter on land than at sea

Bit of change

Traditional Hanukkah gift for kids

Computing machine displayed in part at the Smithsonian

Beachgoer’s item

Instrument heard in “Eleanor Rigby”

Bits of regalia


Get hammered

Providers of books to remote locations

Unlawful activity by a minor

Land of the Po (not Poland)

Special ___


Home of the world’s smallest country: Abbr.

Alias letters

Demurring words

Member of the genus Helix

Marcel Duchamp, e.g.

Genre for the Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys


Bug experts, informally

Breathtaking sight in the ocean?


This and others


GPS’s guesses

Montezuma, for one

Assign new functions to, as keyboard keys

Some natural remedies

Cabinet position once held by Herbert Hoover

Give one’s take

Basic knowledge, with “the”

Went after, in a way

___ admin

Classic brand of candy wafers

Magical teen of Archie Comics

Give kudos to

Pop a wheelie?

“I’ve got that covered”

Paid to play

Work requiring some intelligence?

___ Bahama (clothing label)

DNA carrier

Word after “so” or “go”

Middle of many similes

1%-er in D.C.?: Abbr.

’60s war zone

Not reflective

Untimely time

Great depth

Myth propagated to promote social harmony, in Plato’s “Republic”

Faux cough

“Aw, hell!”

Shady outdoor area

Collection of stock

4×100, e.g.


Put down

Opposite of une adversaire

Selfie taker’s concern

Liberal arts college in Portland, Ore.

Just makes, with “out”

Recipe amts.


Cavity filler’s deg.

Mayonnaise ingredient

Directly opposed

Like a virgin


Good thing to have after work

QB Manning

Number of concern to a teacher

Former New York City mayor with the autobiography “Mayor”

Tow truck’s destination

Org. in “Argo”

Jet set

Precisely describe

It’s made up of lines

State capital in Lewis and Clark County


2017 hit movie about an Olympic skater

Songbird with dark, iridescent plumage

What A.P. exams grant incoming freshmen

Unit of hope

IHOP beverages


Make, as money

Water safety org.

U.S. broadcasting service

Conductor Georg

Long river of Siberia

Places for hustlers?

“Rent me” sign

What marriage merely is, to some

Cutting tool

Catamounts, by another name

1960s counterculture figure

Play awards

Remote control button

A part of

Plains structure

Order from above

Low-hanging clouds

Atahualpa’s subjects


Sports Illustrated named him “Sportsman of the Century” in 1999


Places for strollers

German article

Something a crab might be found in

Coverage in Africa?


Shin guards of old

Disinfectant brand

Held up

Like most haikus

Source of zest

Fighting Tigers’ sch.

Evil: Fr.

Pilot’s opposite

Heavy winter wear

Margot who played the titular role in 16-Down

Utmost degree

Stage ___

Moves like an elephant

Bustles (with)

Howled like a wolf

Museum sections, perhaps

Criticize in no uncertain terms

JFK alternative

Amts. “gained” or “lost”