NY Times Crossword May 30 2020 Answers

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NY Times Crossword Clues Answers

One might have oils and a brush

Fixture in un parc

Look the other way

Actress ___ Shawkat of “Arrested Development”

Under contract, as a lawyer

Horace who championed public education

Console release of 2006

One stuck in a corner?

After taxes

Something sought for the House biennially



Asian city on the Yamuna River

Blend of vegetables, perhaps

No oldster

Having bitten off more than one can chew

Something a toddler might chug?

Tower of ___ (classic math puzzle)


Rotund archenemy of Sonic the Hedgehog

They precede slashes: Abbr.

Two-player card game

Add up to

Like a hopeless situation


Place to get your fill?

It’s commemorated on Maundy Thursday

2019 #1 album for Tyler, the Creator

Task to get done at work



Prepares to enter a work zone, perhaps

1920s-’30s skating legend Sonja

Two of hearts

Go (for)

Former inits. in for-profit education

Only account Edward Snowden follows on Twitter

Notable feature of the opening clarinet solo in “Rhapsody in Blue”

“Roots” surname

What a germ may become

x and y in “x y”


Portrayer of the Chief in 2008’s “Get Smart”

Number that can be spelled with only one-point Scrabble tiles

This holds water

Autumnal salad ingredients

Place to make draft picks

Bathsheba’s husband before David

Lancaster and Cornwall, for two

Like the Acropolis

Tile-cleaning tool

Automotive debut of 1964

Lightweight option for a suit

Día divisions

High piles on the floor?

Low-cost version, informally

Many-time M.L.B. All-Star Arenado


Stomach soother, for short

Summertime coolers

Co-writer of “The Christmas Song”

Home of the Dr Pepper Museum

Prompt an “M.Y.O.B.,” say

Overindulger, of a sort

Card game cry

Part of a split