LA Times Crossword May 9 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Pureed condiment


“Gracie’s Choice” Emmy nominee

Inner determination

Dangerous bar


Jersey chew

Virtual citizens in a video game

Cristina __, Sandra Oh’s “Grey’s Anatomy” role

Iowa Department of Transportation city

Kurosawa’s “Ran,” for one

Cravat cousin

Campfire exchange

Five Pillars faith

“Come again?”

Esther who co-founded In-N-Out Burger

Court service


Breaks up

Best of the bets

__ Energy: PepsiCo drink

Australian city named for a Scottish city

Muslim face veil

Beaufort scale listings


Robin portrayer Ward

“Midnight in Paris” actor Wilson

Chica’s “other”

Get better, perhaps

Exchange, as words

Winter : hibernates :: summer : __


Title bout, say

Gets wind of

Gives a fitting role

Wealthy donors


Dudley’s nemesis, in toons

Part of HRH

Advanced degs.

Aptly named American Eagle store

Seafood order

“I’m writing so you’ll know … “

Sushi order

Fort Sumter summer hrs.

Diagnostic tests

Title 2019 Pokémon film detective



Ritual in the month of Nisan

Footprint, maybe

“The Kitchen God’s Wife” novelist


Liberal group?

Fully developed

Emergency treatment, for short

NBA periods

Swampy “Star Wars” planet

“You don’t need to tell me”

Low-calorie sweetener

Represents as identical

Portraitist John Singer __

Certain intradermal exams, for short

Polite gesture

Home of the Ewoks

Pickle juice

“__ plaisir!”

Jr. and sr.

CPR specialist

“Queen Sugar” creator DuVernay