LA Times Crossword May 8 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Cook Islands language

Place for mascara


Ray __, NBAer with the most regular season 3-point field goals

Northern Oklahoma city

Legal memo phrase

Magazine for masseuses?

Campus area

Place with shells

Magazine for nurses?

Informal negative

Chopper topper

Magazine for golfers?

Salchow relatives


Hook partner

Gobble (down)

Magazine for beekeepers?

Coke __


“Be there in __”

Wheel alignment

Magazine for crossword constructors?

Weasel cousin

“Get lost!”

Magazine for pharmacists?

Pal of Barbarino in “Welcome Back, Kotter”


Magazine for farmers?

Leave in

Half of Mork’s sign-off

Brew hue

__ d’oeuvres

First column to add, usually

Funny Anne

Second-smallest of eight

Ointment ingredient

Cantina crock

Works the game

Team with the longest World Series drought (71 years)

Folklore tale

Suffix with hex-

“Absolutely!” in Madrid

Best Buy purchase

__ license

Greenland language

Madrid museum

Where the same questions are asked annually

“__ it my way”

Ethically uncertain, in Sussex


Treat holders

Nerve impulse carrier

HR dept. concern

Alien from Melmac

__ dancing

“Oy __!”


Seed covering

M’s favorite agent

24 hrs.-per-day retail channel

Wine: Pref.

Wild place

Jam component

Type of fastball grip

Blue Ribbons, e.g.

Monkey used in research

Future junior

Big hit

:50, another way


“That’s awful!”

New Jersey university


People Magazine’s 2018 Sexiest Man Alive

Old Roman road

Dragster’s org.

Austin-to-Dallas dir.