LA Times Crossword May 27 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Choice words?

Bugs on the road

“Take me __”


Relative of Downy and Tide

Like San Francisco summer weather, often

Give up

Delicate bridal netting

“Very well”

Irish __

Jordanian queen who is also a humanitarian activist

Block the sun

Restraining device

Brewpub unit

“Thus do I ever make my fool my purse” speaker

WWII battle site, for short

Pub perch


Japanese mushroom

__TV: reality channel

Bat mitzvah, e.g.

Tallahassee sch.

See 22-Down

Attack verbally, with “at”

__ Day VitaCraves

Filming site

Cornell University city

Not be straight with

Lose control

Delaware capital

Green prefix

Disney princess from Avalor

McCarthy’s dummy friend

Anti vote

Worked on a galley, perhaps


NYC neighborhood


Some time ago

Football do-over

Pet doc

Apple Watch spot

Most rational

Toward the tiller

Squeak or creak

Digs in the snow


“Wayne’s World” co-star

Home of Roma

“I get it!”

Works with thread

Abbey area

Construction area

See 38-Down

Business opening

Work in a galley, perhaps

Scorpio mo.


“Come __!”

With 28-Down, German nuclear fission pioneer

MGM mogul Marcus

In-flight amenity

Seed pod

Like much beach cottage decor

“… from New York!” show, briefly

Annual Queens sports event

Bible book named for a woman

Wrestling moves

Labor group

Kent player in film

“Gotta run!”

Seat of New York’s Oneida County

Angelic ring

Not very many

French movie

Not very much

O’Hare, on tix

First car, for many