LA Times Crossword May 26 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

“Happy Motoring” gas brand

Puppy love

Contemptuous sound

Long (for)

Hang __ dry

Make really upset

*Usual burger component

Periods often named for presidents

Young insects

“Baby back” morsel

Risqué message

Board in a salon

In a row

Morales of “Ozark”

Metaphors for inner turmoil

Takes into custody

On sale, say

Ruby or emerald

Big Aussie bird

*British afternoon tradition

Broody music genre

Opel compact car whose name means “stars” in Latin

Literary governess Jane


Bottom lines

In addition

Narcissist’s indulgence

Blow away

Poet Byron’s title


Black furs

Recon target

“Magic” toys … or what the answers to starred clues add up to?

Leave no room in

Didn’t show for a date with, with “up”

Hitchhiker’s hope

Texting farewell


Faculty head

Philadelphia NFLer

“Get lost!”

Jersey __: coastal vacation area

Bodies of work

Hammurabi’s creation

Cuba libre liquor


What a Tide to Go pen can remove

Area of rapid growth

Take for granted

*Military might

Linen fiber source

Word with sniff or taste

Those opposed

Respected feudal figure

__ vu: familiar feeling

Boxer Laila

Lost fish in a Pixar film



“I __ confused”

*Monarch or viceroy

Like a wallflower

Seat belt, e.g.

Ring of light

Ribbonlike fish

Hit for Aerosmith and The 4 Seasons (different songs, though)

Overwhelm, as with questions

Add emphasis to

Former Swedish automaker

Yogurt-based condiment served to cool hot curry dishes

Bar of gold

Kate’s TV sidekick

Video game princess

German steel city

Hitchhiker’s hope

“Don’t count __!”

Norms: Abbr.

Clod buster