LA Times Crossword May 25 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Terrible reviews

Dots in the Seine

Shoelace tip

Baseball’s Hershiser

Pie à la __

Singer Lopez

Old enough to start kindergarten

Divided Southeast Asian island

Sing to romantically

Roll the dice

Academic URL ending

Attend a foreign university, say

Way to get off base?

Wind quintet wind

Native Alaskan

Ability to float

Spill the beans

Done to __: perfectly cooked

Numbered book part

Sonic, in gaming

Old photo tone

Dept. with a sun on its seal

Carbon monoxide’s lack

Kind of exam with brief responses

Scratch the surface of

Attached, as a corsage

Go up, as prices


Exam answered in a blue book … and a phonetic hint to 17-, 23- and 44-Across


Fab Four fellow

Assert as true

Three-card con

Heidi’s range

Jared of “Panic Room”

Rapper’s entourage


’60s jacket style

Gin flavor

Behind-schedule comment

Amass, with “on”

Barely defeated


“Way to go, fella!”

Scary scythe bearer

Dance under a bar

__ Gay: WWII bomber

Out of gas

Initial stage

West African country

Part of BYO

Inexorable force

Blond shade

Fish story, so to speak

Call off

Software glitch

Day break?

Cinematic FX

Vote for

Leading in the race

In tatters

Diplomatic accord

“My bad!”

Says “My bad!”

Car window stickers

Involuntary jerk

Safari heavyweight

Gibson garnish

Rope fiber

“Circle of Friends” author Binchy

Balance sheet item

Back in style

And others: Abbr.

Org. concerned with PCB’s