LA Times Crossword May 24 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Dodge a conviction

Kin kin

Amazon review rating units

Gathered dust

Morlock prey

Logical opening

Swift’s brutish race


Easter precursor

What’s expected

Kind of lead a closer often has to protect

Hop on the bandwagon

People’s 2019 Sexiest Man Alive

Drop-down item

Grammy channel

Patient person?


Copter topper


More than just asks


“Now __ heard it all!”

Austin __: Tennessee university

Conquest for Caesar

Osso __

Court break point

1971 New York prison riot site

Phil Collins’ longtime band

First name in student loans

Big 12 Cowboy’s rival

Help the bad guys

Buzz creator

Twilights, in verse


Long border range

Dives into, as a workload

Dundee denials

Speak with style

Makeshift weapon

Luray attraction

Burgundy and Weasley

Landed with a line

Novelist Waugh

Ref. whose recent updates include “chillax” and “whatev”

Ward of “FBI”

Prefix with cortical

College URL ending

Madison in “Splash,” e.g.

Acorn coats


“… kissed thee __ killed thee”: Othello


Cut down

“Told you so!”

Laundry cycle

Furthered the development of

Eager beaver’s demand

Leading airplane features?

Farm gatherings

Red-carpet honorees

Thurman of “Pulp Fiction”

Maker of BILLY bookcases

Outback offering

Small craft

Acknowledge the general

Folksy Guthrie

Gator tails?

“Great” primate

Post-Christmas event

“Forbidden” perfume

One of a seagoing trio

Beethoven’s “__ Adieux” Sonata

Horses originally developed in a desert climate

Sty feed

He played Ricky in early TV


Sheltered, at sea




Sworn statement


One that usually leaves the park

__ Salvador


Simple choice

Haul out of bed

Phishing target, briefly

Wear with pride

Crop up

Fit as a fiddle



New start?

Cardinals, e.g.: Abbr.

Skin care brand


Heavy burden

What some put on to feel better about themselves

Bridge call

Anti-harassment movement

Anti-apartheid author Alan

Cube makeup

Prepare for a selfie

Syr. neighbor

TVA output


House mtg.

“Dog Whisperer” Millan

Surgery opening?


Canadian gas

Very confused


127-Across feature


Suffragist Elizabeth __ Stanton

Skin soother

November honorees

Home detector target


Blown away


Part of FEMA: Abbr.

Rights movement shorthand

Maker of Zero-Turn mowers


City that aptly rhymes with “casino”

Word on a bill

What a mouse may evoke

__ Fridays

Podium handout

Bolt to tie the knot

Sends packing

One working on pitches

There aren’t quite enough of them in musical chairs

Hari of espionage

Sea devastated by irrigation projects

Actress Falco


Morales of “Jericho”

Span. title

__-80: old computer

Bit of Wall St. news