LA Times Crossword May 21 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Fifth pillar of Islam

Air Jordans, e.g.


“Arrested Development” actress Shawkat

Between, poetically

Grenoble gal pal

What the unalert might 61-Across to take

Skier Lindsey with a record 20 World Cup titles

__ One vodka

Title king in a Mozart opera


Patronize, as a restaurant


What a gracious host might 61-Across to give

Climber’s asset

Yours, in Tours

Pole worker

What a devout Muslim might 61-Across to perform

Sports doc’s pic

“I’m __ hurry”


What a tight pair might 61-Across to do

Women of Troy’s sch.

Pick up, in a way


Say when?

Potter’s supply

Biblical brother

Struggle vigorously … and what four other long answers’ ending words can do?

Enjoy some rays



Music and theater

“Country Grammar” rapper

Asking too many questions

Talentless writer

Natural healer

Leave high and dry

Smith of “After Earth”

Last in a series

Iconic WWII island, briefly

Auckland native

Struck (out)

Marched confidently

Hogwarts house with a corvine name

“We all have the same values”

When 51-Across starts, for many


Diner side

Distance runner

Indian bread

Stella __: beer

Org. whose fans follow the links

Lab report?

Chemistry exam?


Separate grain from chaff

Controversial pretrial police practices

Ticked off

Possum pal of Porky Pine

Trauma ctrs.

__ room

Winter melon

Sign of bad service?

Christopher Paolini fantasy best-seller


Designer Calvin


List-ending abbr.

Rifle filler


DIY site

Alaskan resource