LA Times Crossword May 18 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Parson’s home

Wall St. hedgers

Seize with a quick motion

Carne __: burrito filling


Piece that starts next to a knight

Set of blank pages for notes and doodles

Rowboat pair

Discards as useless or obsolete

Bro’s sibling

Ones elected to office

Make illegal

It comes before the ques. on “Jeopardy!”

Unfilled calendar slot


Going __: fighting

Mangy mutts

What people are saying

Deuce topper

Riles up

Snakelike fish

Diminutive two-seater

Morning moisture

Furniture wood

Come out on top

Musical gp. that performs summer programs at Tanglewood

Through many experiences

Persia, now

Car showroom site

Route-finding app

Baseball Hall of Famer Willie

Appliance brand

Do as ordered

Fashion monthly

Battery components, to a doctor

Surgeons’ protection

Computer data acronym

Feds busting dealers

State known for 60-ft.-high presidents’ faces

Erodes, as profits

Musketeer pal of Aramis



Auxiliary wagers

Airplane maintenance group

Lion’s warning

Choice of two

Novels and such: Abbr.

Amazon delivery boxes: Abbr.

Recycled container

Longtime “60 Minutes” closer

Significant __

Crusted desserts

“The Clan of the Cave Bear” author Jean

“__ chic!”

N.J. winter hours

Wriggling bait

General vicinity

Gillette razor

Lb. and kg.

“Stevie” for Stevie Nicks, e.g.

Former magazine aimed at adolescents

Greek cross

Conked out

Start of a question of possession

Gauchos’ weapons

Bloodhound’s pickup

Gumbo vegetables

Speedy steed

Level, as an abandoned building

For two countries, as citizenship

“Chat soon,” in texts

Unconvincing, excuse-wise

__ Jima