LA Times Crossword May 16 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Silver, in heraldry

Works with small bricks

Legal opposite of negligence

Leaving exposed nails


Houston, for one

Microscopic messenger

Enjoys a lakeside diversion

Makes a plea

One with a Florida nest egg


Word before steak or after chicken


’60s hallucinogen

Soprano’s note

Gran’s daughter, humorously

1521 Magellan landing site

Like some sports highlights

Checked out ahead of time

“All the Stars” one-named singer with Kendrick Lamar

Is in the past?

Crisp fruit, maybe

Like crossword clues about crossword clues, say

Audibly stunned

Proof word

“You lost me”

Astronaut Jemison

Sign of Broadway success

Crane producer?


Equipment company named for a cycling group

__ syndrome: allergic reaction to insect bites

Craps naturals

Totes presh

Biblical flows?

Keep it together, so to speak

Lead-in to “lodge” or “logy”

Short rests

Minor cycle

Stretch, say

Relating to knowledge

Hannukah reward


Not exactly hummable

Subjects of “The Boys in the Boat”

Got edgy

Vaper’s need, informally

School dance invite portmanteau

Venetian bridge composition?

TV Dr.

Fly off the handle

Fly off the handle

Committed replies

Toast words?

Flying companion, say

Two-word phrase that’s synonymous with its second word backwards

Close parentheses, at times

Striped equine hybrid


Draft holders

Theta, in geometry

Unappealing food

Skin features

More than walk

“Looney Tunes” first name

URL ending