LA Times Crossword May 15 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

911 pro

Like a certain elevated plane

Tack on

“Ain’t interested”

Present and accounted for

Word with honey or mud

Furniture maker’s designated stock of wood?

Bench press target

Silent star of early talkies

Like the Grinch

“Sing it, Sam” speaker


Cherished activity


Notable period

Indigenous Alaskan

Accommodate Simba at one’s hotel?

What may float your boat

Foggy playground vista?

Be compatible

__ Speedwagon


A real keeper, romantically


Bard’s “Bummer!”

Lack of impediments

1492 vessel

Brand “choosy moms choose,” in ads

Shipment of nautical parts?

Gender-neutral pronoun

Not naked

Professional org. since 1847

Old Glory hue

First word of Dorothy’s last line in Oz

“I’m interested”


1966 self-titled gospel album

Emotionally stressed, after “on”

Swiss peak

Poor, as odds

What you might be in the Bible?


Place for games

“__ Misérables”

Submits one’s résumé


Pour into a carafe

Quark place


Alcatraz, for one

Affix, as a shoulder patch

Spa amenity

One may be given at a 29-Down

See 28-Down

Acting like


Title character who is never onstage

Delta, for one

Fired on from above

Units for gamers

County including the Muir Woods sequoias

“They’ve authorized me to report … “

Period of mourning, e.g.

Regard to be

Key of two Beethoven symphonies

Baskerville Hall landscape

“Things sweet to __ prove in digestion sour”: “Richard II”

Air 2 or Pro

Move a bit

To be, in Bordeaux

Calisthenics aid

High-__ image