LA Times Crossword May 13 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Signs of healing

Like many summer drinks

Pipe smoker’s gadget

Vinyl hit, usually


“I have an __”

*Specialized baking surface

Reason for a cake, briefly

Flower bed tool

Yet, poetically

What a person eats

*Unwelcome sci-fi visitor

Spelunking spot

Rescue copter

Classical theaters

Paddle cousin

One-time connector

*Pair with a license, often

Diamond throw

Kind of tale or fate

Sweet companion?

Cheese on a cracker

Lets go

*Location method requiring a sorted list

Frozen dessert chain

Common email attachment

Wall St. specialist

“Now hear __!”

Carpenter’s compound, or what’s found between each of four pairs of circled letters

Words with movie or show

Quattro maker

“Au contraire”

Formerly, quaintly

Genealogy chart

Laundry challenges


Award coveted on “Mad Men”

Shaping tool

Industry, informally

Poseidon’s realm

Programming decision construct

Sing like Bing

Yet, poetically

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” duettist Kiki


What extra cost hopefully brings

Ones enjoying a rare meal?

Fork over


Movie format

Say confidently

Kind of jet

It’s Intel-based since 2006

Lyre-playing emperor

Early TV brand

Inviting, as a look

Commercial writers


Words to an old chap

All __: listening closely

Biennial games org.


Banned chem. contaminant

Pats gently

Martini order

Scottish boy

“Carmina Burana” composer

Lyrical work

Kind of sax

Take five

Good buds

Half a fly

Angkor __: Cambodian temple

Plural possessive


Cut (off)