LA Times Crossword May 11 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Spaces between teeth

Comedian Foxworthy

Flat finish

Gershwin’s “__ Rhythm”

Diva’s delivery

Skylit courts

*Internet connection touted in the ’90s as faster than dial-up


Bill for beers

Barbie’s beau

Church recess

4 x 4, for short

Brontë and Post

1987 Beatty/Hoffman bomb

Flammable gas

Andy’s son in Mayberry


ASAP relative

Move back and forth, as a tail

*Extended engagement

Baseball great Gehrig

Remains of the tray?

Building addition

Mideast strip

Toronto NBAer


Beach Boys “Help Me” title girl

Whirling toon devil


Bosom buddy

Pricey watches


Battery boost … and what the first part of the answers to starred clues can literally be


Fronton game word

Scrabble piece

Stringed instruments of yore

Jalopy corrosion

Historic British school

“Shadow Dancing” singer Andy

Indian tourist city

Below average


Go on and on

MLB pitcher’s stat

Stool pigeon

Lose luster, as colors

Fit to be tied

Subway immortalized in an Ellington song

*Diamond defensive rarity

Slightly inebriated


Spreadsheet info

India’s first prime minister

Herbie of jazz

Hawkeye’s state

Health resorts

*Vegas spender

Lawn care tool

Six-pointed star-shaped screw head

Part of A.D.

Catch a few z’s

Campus courtyard

SoCal cop force

Like much bar beer

Montreal daily

“Tennis, __?”

“Cut that out!”

Scottish toppers

Whoop it up

Hard to lift

Not quite closed


Canter or gallop

“Alice’s Restaurant” singer Guthrie

British weapon acronym

ACLU concerns

Pas’ partners