LA Times Crossword June 3 2020 Answers

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LA Times Crossword Clues Answers

Small earring

Mercedes line

Magazine with a satirical “fold-in” back cover

Bear in two constellations

Bits of dust

Curling surface

“Two Tahitian Women” painter

Testing site


SFO incoming flight

Narrow cut

1965 Beau Brummels hit with the line “It seemed so funny to me”

Neverland pirate

Snap, crackle and pop

CPR expert

Media org. that tweets the Declaration of Independence on July 4

Partner of each

Southern lights

H.G. Wells genre

Moo __ gai pan

Kin of -kin


Zodiac transition point

Reuben ingredient

Adhesive strip

Bygone telecom co.

Waited in line, say


13th/14th-century Mongol Empire region … and an elemental hint to what’s found twice in each answer to a starred clue

The Nixon years, e.g.

Capital west of Krakow

Tiny amt. of time

“Great news!”

Autumn blooms


Enjoys an evening meal

Magic Kingdom people mover


“Who Shot J.R.?” show

That, in Tijuana

Apple core?


Honda luxury brand

Vail trail

Common ID

Pepper grinder

Berry from South America

It’s outstanding

In a funk

Hindu deity known as the Destroyer

Rowlands who won an Emmy for playing Betty Ford

Air filter acronym

Suffix with movie or church

What some bears do

Keystone State port

Part of CNS: Abbr.

Dawn direction


Donald Duck’s nephews, e.g.

Throw __


Latvian birthplace of Baryshnikov

Bit of footwear

__ de force


Bachelorette party accessory



Blue __ Mountains


“So __ say”


Use rosary beads, say

Poetic tributes

Geometric art style

Transcript fig.

Prefix with Asian

Wii forerunner, briefly